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The Sentio Global Education Network Educational Programs are designed to support learners participating in an international experience build their global competence; the knowledge, skills and understanding we believe is needed to create a more just and peaceful world.

The content was designed to meet key educational goals that help learners develop intercultural competence and deal with cultural adjustment. These goals are organized into four core areas: self-awareness, awareness about others, emotional intelligence, and bridges across difference. 

Research[1] shows us, that of all the variables (including use of host families, length of the program, access to language learning, etc.), the one variable that has the biggest impact on people's learning for intercultural competence is having intentional intercultural education surrounding one’s experience abroad. Even a short program can serve as a powerful catalyst and an effective 'real lived experience' as part of the Kolb Experiential learning cycle.

"In education abroad and in language learning, the professional’s task continues throughout the experience; in the Georgetown Consortium study, facilitation at key points of the semester led to greater increases in students’ Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) scores. In contrast, students participating in unmediated direct enrollment programs showed no such increases..."[2]

Regardless of program type, intentional educational interventions are necessary for intercultural learning to happen.

That’s why we offer the Global Competence Training Program (GCTP) and the Global Competence Certificate (GCC). The GCTP is based online while the GCC combines online training and guided reflection with Qualified Facilitators. The GCC blended learning program is flipped to deliver content online, in multiple languages, and leverage offline facilitation for deep reflection about intercultural learning. The program is modular and developmental, helping learners grow at their own pace, with ample opportunities for peer-learning with other participants from around the globe.


Watch This Video To Get A Better Sense Of What The GCC Is All About:


Watch This Video To See A Sample From One Of The 18 Online Modules:

Qualified Facilitator: in Austria

"We started implementing the GCC in Summer 2015 and just had our first returnee meeting. The GCC is very easy to use and all participants loved the experience. It is a great help for them to be prepared for the program and to guide them through intercultural challenges along the way. As a facilitator I enjoyed the experience and had no issues at all implementing the GCC."

GCC Participant:

“Try to learn and take it seriously because they are really useful once you are in [your host country]. They are a good opportunity and a great tool box to face the difficulties you will for sure find there, and take advantage of the situation and learn in every situation.”

GCC Participant:

“The GCC has been really helpful, and I think I can avail myself of their explanations in my daily life and work.”


Download Our Brochure For More Details About The Program Goals, Content, And Approach:

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