Members And Countries

As a global Education Network we bring together high quality mobility program providers with sending recruiters from across the globe. Our members are rigorously vetted to ensure the highest standards in programming and support for adult participants. We operate in over 50 countries in international language, internship, volunteer, and study abroad programs. 

Our goal is to connect our network organizations to help them align their amazing supply of programs with the increasing demand from globally-minded young adults.

As a network, we provide services including coordination, support, operating standards, and access to our Global Competence Certificate program for all Sentio program participants.

Voting Members

AFS Programas Interculturales Argentina, Argentina

Austauschprogramme für interkulturelles Lernen, Austria

AFS interculturele Programma's vzw, Belgium

AFS Programmes Interculturels asbl, Belgium

Fundación Programas Interculturales AFS Chile, Chile

China Education Association for International Exchange - Volunteer Committee for Intercultural Education, China

AFS Programas Interculturales Colombia, Colombia

Fundación Programas Interculturales AFS Costa Rica, Costa Rica

AFS Intercambios Culturales, República Dominicana, Dominican Republic

AFS Interkultur Danmark, Denmark

AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V., Germany

AFS Programas Interculturales Guatemala, Guatemala

AFS Intercultural Programs India, India

Bina Antarbudaya The Indonesian Foundation for Intercultural Learning, Indonesia

AFS Intercultura México, A.C., Mexico

Asociación AFS Programas Interculturales Panamá, Panama

AFS Programas Interculturales Paraguay, Paraguay

AFS del Perú Programas Interculturales, Peru

AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines Foundation, Inc. (AFS IPP), Philippines

AFS Intercultural Programs Switzerland, Switzerland

AFS Intercultural Programs Thailand, Thailand

Türk Kültür Vakfi - AFS Türkiye, Turkey

AFS Intercultural Programs, United States

AFS Programas Interculturales Venezuela, Venezuela

AFS Interculture South Africa, South Africa

AFS Egypt Intercultural Educational Programs, Egypt

AFS Intercultural Exchange Programs Ghana, Ghana

Organization For Intercultural Education, Kenya

Non-voting Members

AFS Intercultural Programs Australia, Australia

AFS Bolivia, Bolivia

AFS Intercultura Brasil, Brazil

AFS Interculture Canada, Canada

AFS New Zealand, New Zealand

InterCultur gemeinnützige GmbH, Germany

AFS Vivre Sans Frontiere, France


AFS Japan, Japan

AFS Hong Kong, Hong Kong

AFS Magyarország Nemzetközi Csereprogram Alapítvány, Hungary

Celtic English Academy, United Kingdom

CLLC - Canadian Language Learning College, Canada

Centre d’Echanges Internationaux, France

Cross-Cultural Solutions, USA

Global Experiences Inc., USA

Global Vision International, United Kingdom

The Intern Group, Chile

IFOA Instituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali, Italy

FSL India, India